SOFTScale LT™ works with a wide variety of electronic plans on screen in addition to standard digitizer based takeoffs. You can seamlessly switch between digitizer and on screen modes on the same job. It includes advanced measurements such as Masonry and Concrete walls, Slabs, Roofs, Flooring (Carpets and Tiles), Footings, all lumber estimates, etc.

SOFTScale LT™ features an advanced Custom Measurement function that allows complex formula based takeoffs, that will provide customized calculated quantities or even costs, as specified by the user. It integrates prompts and default values such that, once setup, can be used repeatedly in a consistent manner.

As with all Roctek products, SOFTScale™ is a layered application that renders 3D views of all takeoff measurements.


SOFTScale LT™ is designed to work either as a stand alone application or in conjunction with any Windows spreadsheet (Excel, Lotus etc.), as well as any construction industry-specific estimating application into which quantities can be transferred easily. 

SOFTScale LT™ also lets you use your digitizer as a mouse so that you don't have to have two hands busy while you are digitizing. You can specify and select specific quantities from a detailed list of result-quantities, and transfer to any Windows program. You can produce graphical representations in full color and in 3D and print these to any required print-to-scale settings as part of your bid or presentation. A customizable report also is included.

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Key Benefits