WinEx Grade:

Advanced Site Development Takeoff at an affordable price.

WinEx-GRADE gives the user the ability to import from Vector PDF files using our Vector Direct utility. Also, any version of CAD files can be imported without the need for tracing or trace directly onscreen from any pdf, jpg, tiff, bmp or a scanned image. In addition, you can use a digitizer with hard copy plans or even do a site takeoff “freehand” if a site plan is not available.

Advanced navigational tools, developed specifically to handle digital drawings, save time and help to ensure accuracy. Roctek’s proprietary 2nd generation LineTracker™ technology with Zoombox, allows precision to the pixel level, yet is much faster and more accurate than traditional methods. you can now spend time to analyze the job instead of tediously tracing and correcting contours.

WinEx-GRADE uses the same “high density grid” method of calculations found in our WinEx Master program and provides unparalleled 3D renditions of actual site properties. See the actual elevation of any point in the 3D image or take a slice between any 2 points on the takeoff to see what’s happening underground. Professional Analytics assist in error checking and the Visualization allows you to “fly over” or “dive under” the site to see it from any angle.


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