Customer quotes

"Roctek's WinEx Master is built to satisfy ALL cut/fill needs. This is a powerful tool with superior reporting, digitizing, and visualization tools. With so many features, it will not be something that you can learn overnight, but the customer service is outstanding! They would stay on screen with you all night you needed to learn it fast! Keep up the great work, Roctek Team! I'm looking forward seeing how you can possibley top off WinEx Master with your next release. This company never ceases to amaze me!"

                                                                                        -Nick, TMG Construction


"WinEx Grade has paid for itself 10x over! The 3D images and takeoff report allowed us to document the presence of an additional 5,000 cu. yds. of export, for which we will earn $13/yd, or an additional $65,000. If we had not identified this material prior to transport, we would have had very difficult time getting paid for it. Our G.C. went to the engineers, who provided the initial quantity, to take another look in which found their error. This software has allowed mem to do a takeoff in a couple of hours, rather than a couple of days!"
                                                                                  -David, Alliance eraforming
"By using Roctek software we saved a tremendous amount of time in the takeoff process, which in turn helps us to be more efficient and more profitable."
                                                                                      -Jerry, Advanced Asphalt
"we have found it easy to use and people that are new to the system can be trained in no time at all."
                                                                                                 -Ron, Sr. Estimator
"As a small company, I've been doing manual takeoffs for years. Web research led me to Roctek's WinEx Grade. I save many hours doing takeoffs and the accuracy gives me confidence in my quantities. I had someone recently question my numbers, but I stuck to my calculations, and they returned and said I was correct! Since purchasing WinEx Grade, we have been awarded over $1,000,000 in new jobs and I am sure that it's due to using the software for takeoffs. Purchasing WinEx Grade is a dream come true."
                                                                                    -Danny, Murfreesboro, TN
"We have installed (WinEx Grade) it, and the client is loving it! Even with the learning curve, our client is doing takeoffs 80% quicker than he was manually."
                                                             -Travis, Consultant for LMJ Construction
"Prior to the age of take-off software, when we had to calculate cut/fills, we were able to really custom fit our projects to the exixting/proposed site since we had to develop our own cross sections..... Roctek allows me to customize my take-offs to true site conditions. I usually will begin by putting in proposed and come back after site visit(s) and then finish my existing. The capabilities of developing what-if sections in established work regions is extremely helpful and quickly completed."
                                                                             -Roy, Durr Heavy Construction
"I periodically do a manual take-off as a check and find Roctek's accuracy phenomenal."
                                                                           -Al, Estimator/Project Manager

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