WinEx-GRADE and WinEx Master are easy-to-use software programs that produce accurate cut and fill volumes, material quantities and other advanced measurements for site work and underground utilities. Our high density grid method for calculating is unmatched (see our white paper) and our 2nd generation proprietary LineTracker™ technology has been recently enhanced with intelligent “Dynamic Zoom”. When you need to trace on-screen manually, Line Tracker™ will follow your cursor along topos when they change directions, cross other topos & lines and even thru elevation call outs, while saving you time and increasing your productivity.

Our new High Performance Visualization and Analyzation Features allow you to inspect your entire site plan in 3-D to ensure accuracy before completing your bid.  Our Respread and Balancing tools give you the advantage in tight bid situations, to reduce or eliminate import/export to and from the site, reducing your bid totals and assisting your bottom line. Contractors also find our Alternate Plan™ functionality is one of the best tools available for handling digital files such as a multi-page PDF files, and our Vector Direct™ import utility can virtually eliminate tracing from Vector PDF and all versions of CAD files entirely.

We've specialized in the development of takeoff software since 1985 and offer continuous enhancements to our programs to keep up with changing technologies such as our “TrenchPro” and AutoDaylight Slope Routines and Land XML for Machine Control Export. WinEx Master™ and WinEx GRADE ™ have been the industry standards in earthwork for over 28 years.

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